flyctl scale count n gives an error for some values of n

My app which was migrated to “new autoscaling” seems to have errors with autoscaling disabled.

When I run flyctl scale count n, it works when n is 1, 5, 10 but shows “an unknown error occurred” when n is 0, 15, 20, or 50.

Also, when I run “flyctl scale count 5” then “flyctl scale count 10” repeatedly, it will sometimes show 5 instead of 10 in the output, and vice versa.

For example :

flyctl scale count 10
Count changed to 5

The error happens when count is outside the bounds of autoscaling min/max. I created an issue for this, it should be disabling autoscaling when you run scale count manually.

The weird output is probably related. When you run the scale command it actually does the equivalent of a deploy. It’s likely conflicting with autoscaling and giving back weird errors.

To clarify, I had manually disabled autoscaling, and the output now is:

flyctl autoscale show
Scale Mode: Disabled

So maybe autoscaling isn’t disabled when the above output thinks that it is disabled?

It seems like it’s not disabling “new” autoscaling like it should be, despite showing as disabled. I can turn it off for you if you’d like!

I think I’m going to have two apps, this with autoscaling and a new one with manual scaling for testing, so no action needed. Thanks!

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