Cannot retrieve data from a volume

I’ve created a volume for my app to store images. The problem is that I can’t retrieve it to show at a web page.

I’m sure that the image has successfully stored in the volume now. I’ve created a debug page to see it, and here is my file path:

But on the target web page in dev tools img element rendered with the same path, and I can’t see the image, only a placeholder icon:

Please help me understand how to retrieve that image.

Log in to your app with an interactive terminal session:

flyctl ssh console

Then, you will be able to navigate the file system and see all the files with cd, ls command-line commands. In this way, you will be able to check if your file is really present on the file system.

If you want something more interactive, you can use Midnight Commander app:

sudo apt-get install mc

And then call it from the command line:


Midnight Commander allows you to navigate the file system interactively in a WYSIWYG manner. The usual cursor keys and the Enter do most of the navigation functions.

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Ok, I get the app files by ssh console, but there is no any /gensei_data folder. This folder is located one level up: In ../app folder and my image is there. But still I can’t retrieve it.
As I understand I just should use absolute path like /gensei_data/file.ext, but it doesn’t work.

I share my fly.toml to clarify the situation, maybe it’ll help:

app = "gensei-app"
primary_region = "ams"


  internal_port = 80
  force_https = true
  auto_stop_machines = true
  auto_start_machines = true
  min_machines_running = 0
  processes = ["app"]


Ok, I resolved the problem. Like always, the solution is very obvious :smile:
I just moved volume destination to wwwroot folder:


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