Help Recovering persistent disk data

I have a persistent disk mounted on my app, which stores images. Today I deployed a new version, and the app shows no images found. When I tried to ssh in my app, I found out that all data wasn’t present, but a little earlier images were available. Is there anything that can cause this behavior? and how can i get help recovering.

When i try to list snapshots for my disk this shows

$ fly volumes snapshots list vol_18l524y5l89r7zmp
ID                 	SIZE     	CREATED AT   
vs_vAgvvBoAplaJ7T38	199056423	12 hours ago	
vs_74jnG1YOJQmoyt6Q	194703987	1 day ago   	
vs_np3MzbGDVgkqnUpl	194703987	2 days ago  	
vs_Rpv4w1gBV0bYVhva	194703987	3 days ago  	
vs_GgMz0xPZl5A3Dc0v	194703987	4 days ago  	
vs_Q9MO5ZOkbKbvDi43	194328049	5 days ago  	

I think the most likely cause of this is either:

  1. You have two volumes on your app and it got deployed to another. If flyctl volumes list shows multiple volumes, and you’re running with fly scale count 1, each deploy can put the new VM on a different volume
  2. The volume is not mounted in your fly.toml. The fly.toml needs a [mounts] section to actually use a volume. If this doesn’t exist, the process will write to the scratch disk and data will go away when the VM stops.

Will you check and see if one of those is the problem?