Can I pay different apps with different cards?

For context, I’m a contractor, and I have a client who’s app I’m running unders my account since I manage everything for him, but now I need to deploy a new app, but this new app I wanna pay with my own CC. Is this currently possible?

Thanks in advance!

hi @crewmember777

Separate organizations are the best way to manage different client apps (or keep your own apps separate). You can create a new organization in the dashboard and then create your app in the new org. Each organization has its own billing and payment method, so you’ll be able to add and use your credit card.

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Thank you so much, exactly what I needed! Now I wish I knew this before I named my initial organiation “Personal” since I can’t change its name. But I guess it is what it is! Thank you again!

You can move the client app into another organization and then re-enter their payment info (if you still have it). Then keep your personal org for your own apps. (I would have suggested this, but I didn’t yet know that we had it :sweat_smile: ).

Check out fly apps move · Fly Docs

There would be downtime while the app is moved.
The Machine IPs change because it moves into a new private network.
I’m not sure this works for postgres apps.

Ah no worries! Haha, I think it is fine for now. Thanks for all the insights, super helpful!

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