Bought static IPv4, but deploy still using old IP

I’m deploying a NodeJS express server which connects via mysql to another server. I’m getting the following error:

Error while getting yells Error: Access denied for user 'produser'@'' (using password: YES)

I noticed that the IP is the old shared IP, and not the new static IP that I purchased an hour ago. My new IP looks like this:

How can I update my deploy to use the new static IP I registered?

Hi… in this context would be the outbound IP. Or maybe I am misunderstanding?

We don’t offer static IPs or regional IP ranges, and we discourage the use of our outbound IPs to bypass firewalls.

No, you’re correct. It’s the outbound IP in the error message not my local IP. :face_exhaling:
What’s weird is I don’t know where it is coming from. It’s not present in any of my code or secrets. :thinking:
I even hardcoded the IP in my code and it’s still somehow trying to fetch that 147.* ip.