Billing Estimation

I’m investigating about deploying my smaller app on After reading the document, I’m not so clear about the billing part.

The billing consists of two part: fixed cost and dynamic cost. Right?

The fixed cost is based on the plan type, for example, Hobby Plan’s fixed cost is $5 per mo.

For the dynamic cost per month, my understanding is that it is based on two factors:

  • The price of VM resource(cpu, memory, etc) I choose or set for my app, the price is per second.

  • The actual executing time (in seconds) of my app.

so the dynamic cost = the price of VM resource * the actual executing time. Right?

It means that I can estimate the maximum cost for my app. The maximum cost happens when my app runs in every second of the month. Right?

I shouldn’t get a very high billing goes beyond my estimation, right? For example, my small app suffers from DDOS attack(just for example, I know platform should handle such security issue), which generates very high traffic loads. In such case, the VM resource for my app should not be auto scaled up to higher level without my permission. Right?

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