Bandwidth Alliance and GPUs

Currently, Cloudflare has a project called Bandwidth Alliance, which is part of the PNI project. This saving me from the nightmare of outrageous, unreasonable network pay-as-you-go for many projects.

Anyway! With the release of the GPUs, I think it will be much more reasonable to distribute video from Cloudflare’s network to the Internet rather than from

Detailed use case description:

Imagine a simple AI video generation application.

I’m trying to streamline pay-as-you-go for the network with 3 applications here.

  1. API server app (CNAME)
  2. GPUs app for video generating and/or encoding (No Public IPs)
  3. Video distribution app (“Proxied” by Cloudflare)

App 1 works well with Remix or Next.js, and App 2 generates videos based on user requests. The video will be distributed to the Internet from App 3 over Cloudflare network.

In other words, this allows App 1 to use as-is without adding extra hops to interact with the user. App 2 should not be exposed to the Internet, so it stays in the private network. App 3 distributes video to the Internet over Cloudflare.

What do you think about this? The team seems knowledgeable about the network stack, and working with Cloudflare might not be difficult.


  • PNI: Private Network Interconnect
  • GPU: Graphics Processing Unit
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence
  • CNAME: Canonical NAME

@nina You are probably interested in this.
P.S. I will reply to the email you sent me in just a few minutes!

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