Autoscaling stopped working

I have a fly application, hexi-arduino, which had autoscaling and worked well for a while.

However, two weeks ago, it stopped auto scaling (release v58896 was the last time where it auto scaled).

I tried deploying a new version and also disabling and reenabling auto scale, but to no avail.

Would appreciate any assistance on this!

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Any suggestions how to diagnose this? What to try next?

@kurt any advice on this?

Hi @urish, I took a look internally and it seems like the Nomad-based autoscaler might have hit an internal bug causing it to freeze up, requiring a manual restart.

I restarted the service and it seems like it’s triggering scaling events again, let me know if it’s working properly for you now.

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Yeah, working again - thank you so much.

Is there anything I could do to trigger the autoscaler restart myself in case this happens again in the future?