IPv4 move between apps?

Can i move allocated IPs between apps?
Would be usefule for migration/transformation tasks…

Thanks, BR


IP addresses aren’t “floating”, Fly doesn’t currently allow you to keep an IP and move it amongst apps.

What’s your use case? IP’s are allocated at the “app” level, but Fly Machines lets you create multiple VM’s within an app, so I wonder if Machines could work for you.

My usecase is very specific.

i do host an authrorative nameserver on fly (powerdns). I am going to replace the internet facing pdns instance with dnsdist (a DNS Loadbalancer and Security tool). So the public IPs used for the pdns-server should be moved to the dnsdist instances.

i solved it by creating a new app for the pdns server and deploying the dnsdist .toml with “-a APP” to the pdns app. So i can reuse the ips.

However, reserving and/or moving IPs would be a great feature. :slight_smile:

If someone is interested in hosting PDNS on fly:

Work in Progress…

BR Bernd