Apple iCloud private relay results in routing to India instead of Amsterdam


Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up: using Apple iCloud private relay (which gives you an anonymous ip address) can result in slow response on hosted apps.

What I just discovered: I have iCloud set to “use country and timezone” for “ip address location” and I indeed have an ip-address from the Netherlands (my location). The ISP is ‘Akamai International BV’ and geo location lookups online give indeed “the Netherlands” as the location. But when I visit in Safari I see Fly-Region: maa :smile:. In Firefox (where I have a “normal” ip-address) it displays Fly-Region: ams. One more interesting thing: my colleague also uses private relay from Apple and he “received” an ip that is coming from Cloudflare, and for him it does display Fly-Region: ams.

Is this a known issue? Can Fly do something about this or is it something Akamai has to take care of?

This could be a BGP routing issue for that IP.

Is there a way to run a traceroute to from the perspective of your iCloud private relay?

Ah, the dual of Global anycast routed to AMS

Something’s not right between Fly and AMS-IX, I’d imagine.

I’m not sure if this is possible. As far as I know, it’s only active in Safari…