App reachable on client but not reachable via other fly apps

I have an app that is constantly getting

could not find a good candidate within 90 attempts at load balancing. last error: no known healthy instances found for route tcp/443. (hint: is your app shut down? is there an ongoing deployment with a volume or are you using the ‘immediate’ strategy? have your app’s instances all reached their hard limit?)

despite passing health checks AND the endpoint working


when another fly app hits that endpoint it gets 503 error

What’s the app name? Does the output of fly status and fly checks list look ok?

HTTP 503 is representing the same error - “no known healthy instances”

It works now, i repeatedly did the following things:

  • scale to 0 then scale to 2
  • scale to 2 in a different region then scale to 0 the main region
  • destroy the app
  • use launch and deploys

and then after some struggling it all worked again (code did not change during the entire period) it was quite frustrating :((

i also wanted to ask if we are having problems in terms of internet connectivity? because my apps that used to take 400-800ms to fetch data from external api (binance) now takes 3 seconds to 30 seconds

ik the api isn’t broken because all of my apps fetch from the same api it’s just some fly apps suddenly take extra long to fetch data nowadays causing some very weird and prolonged spikes on grafana

i’ve also tested calling the api in my machine alongside the fly apps and there is no problem

any solutions or things you can point me to? thanks!

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