Error: found 1 machines that are unmanaged.

Hi Guys,

Im running a simple React app. The app itself is unresponsive. With this message in de monitoring console:

2023-11-13T13:03:47.593 proxy[–] ams [error] could not find a good candidate within 90 attempts at load balancing. last error: unreachable worker host. the host may be unhealthy. this is a Fly issue.

I use this command to do a deployment:

flyctl deploy --build-arg (…) --remote-only --ha=false

But this gives me the following error:

Error: found 1 machines that are unmanaged. fly deploy only updates machines with fly_platform_version=v2 in their metadata. Use fly machine list to list machines and fly machine update --metadata fly_platform_version=v2 <machine id> to update individual machines with the metadata. Once done, fly deploy will update machines with the metadata based on your fly.toml app configuration

If i follow those steps i get this error:
Error: could not get machine xx: failed to get VM xx: request returned non-2xx status, 504 (Request ID: xx-ams)

Also every other command like start/stop the machine results in a 504 error.

App type is Apps v2

Somebody can help me out?

hi @ActiveAnts

We’re performing emergency maintenance on the host your app is on. You should be able to see a status notification in your dashboard about it.

Unfortunately, there’s always a risk of downtime when running an app with a single machine/volume.

You can wait until the issue resolves, or you could try creating a new volume from a snapshot. But any data stored between the snapshot time and the host issue will not be included.

To create a new volume from a snapshot: Manage volume storage · Fly Docs

Then try scaling up the app to pick up the new volume on a new Machine on a different host: fly scale count 2.

Thank you for you help andie!

I’ll look into up scaling the app.

just a note, since I’m unable to confirm at the moment: you could just try running fly scale count 1 on the first go (after creating the new volume) to see if that works, since flyctl might ignore the unreachable Machine in the count.

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