App disappeared from the dashboard


We have an app deployed to LHR, at 14:20 today we noticed that it is no longer accessible but also disappeared from the dashboard. After redeploying, it is back again.

app: (Please see the account, not linking the actual URL)

Could you please advise what happened? We turned autoscaling on to see if that would help.

Thank you.

A couple of times we also issues with error=2 “Internal problem” throughout this week, any idea why it could be happening?

Please run fly status --all and see if you have “failed” VMs. If you do, run fly vm status <id> and see if that tells you anything. You see messages about a VM exiting with a non-zero code, that means the process crashed.

If you see exit code 0, check and see what it says about health checks.

“Internal” error from our proxy could mean a number of things. You might see that error if your app processes were crashing.

It looks like it is exit code: 1

Ah, yeah. That means the process is crashing.

If you run fly logs -i <vm id> you might be able to see why. You may need to install something like Sentry to get better details if the logs don’t tell you much, though.

thank you, that’s quite helpful.

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