flyctl --config option barely documented?

I was trying to update my IPs using flyctl ips . I realized I had some cases where I had to specify a different fly.toml file.

The --config <filename.toml> option is what I needed. But it’s strangely hidden in the docs. eg it exists in the fly deploy docs, but not in fly ips docs fly ips · Fly Docs, not in the flyctl --help, etc.

Is there a reason these flags aren’t easier to find?

Hi @nilsbunger ! The --config option is part of the sub-commands under fly ips. For instance, fly ips list --config other-fly.toml.

The flag is documented in the docs for the sub-commands, for the list command will be ips-list

You are right that if I do fly ips list --help , the config flag can be found there.

I struggled to find it though - I was looking at fly ips --help and the web instructions for fly ips without noticing I could click into each subcommand.

Since --config applies to so many commands I think I was expecting to see it at the top level or at least at a fly ips level (since it should apply to all fly ip commands).

Anyway, thanks for the help.


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