api: suggestions

app.config.definition.services[0].internal_port is of type int
app.config.definition.services[0]ports[0].port is of type string

How about using int all the way?

To create an app, I have to supply a name, ok.
Then I get back an id of type ID and a name of type String, both are the same.
Now that I want to update/configure apps, I have to use the appId again, which is of type ID.

To get the deployment status, it’s app(name: String!) again.
There’s also internal id, but this is always 0.

Maybe you could decide on one single way of doing things to make the API a bit easier to use?
ports always int OR String but not both
app access always by ID OR name but not a mixture

Thanks! =)

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You’re suggestions are on spot on. Our API, config, even flyctl started as prototypes that evolved into production. Each time we learned something new and changed our minds is another inconsistency. :slight_smile:

At some point I’d like to go back and clean those up along with adding docs for the API/config. The API is getting a lot more use lately, so maybe over the next few months we’ll make some time.