Admin API parent child organization billing

Hello. It’s great you have a graphql API endpoint. I am automating interactions with organizations. Trying to understand how we might get our card set on child organization accounts we create without a manual effort.

Is there anything that can be set up with fly billing to transmit a list of organizations with an authorization where you can then take an automated interaction with stripe to apply the card token of a parent org to the authorized child organizations so we can get a response from that?

We want a smooth onboarding process for our clients. That can only generally occur through an automated approach.

We don’t have a good answer for this yet. I’m hoping we will in the next 6 months.

If all you need is network isolation, you can do this in one organization. Apps accept a network parameter you can set to, like, customer-1234. This will isolate them from apps on the default organization network, and any other named network.

Thanks @kurt. We wish to keep everything simple for billing processes. Org billing does that for us but I don’t yet see a billing API to read from. I am inspecting flyctl sources to see what is possible atm. We want some level of specificity in a billing API so we can roll up specific costs to generate our own invoicing.

Beyond that, we want network, app and database isolation on a per tenant basis where organizations can be managed independently for compliance. Client isolation and geographic distribution is central to why we are considering fly as opposed to de facto solutions out there. I do appreciate the tip on setting the network parameter. This may be useful to us in another possible scenario.