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I’ve just deployed my first app through the web cli. I created a deploy token and hooked up my GH repo for auto deploy using the public action. All is well, but now I want to re-create that deployment X times for X teams that I plan on showcasing it to (so they can work on separate repos/deployments). Is there a way to use a single deploy token for my whole account and have that replicated in all forks of my GH repo, or do I have to create a token per deployment and manage those separately?


I don’t think GitHub automatically copies the envs for forks so it would require user action to add those. There might be a way to do this through the GitHub API too if you want to automate forking too.

Yeah, I know that. The forks will be deliberate, for a side project I’m doing and so I can give the token to the people forking it. The question is, can I use a single token and share it with everyone. Then they use that same token for their different respective deployments (e.g., Is that possible or do I have to set up separate tokens for each URL (deployment) I want to have. If I expect to have 10 teams forking the repo, it would be much easier to manage a single token rather than individual ones

I believe the current workaround is to create a separate account, create a personal access token and add the account to your team.

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