A fresh billing system approaches

You may have seen that we are keen to improve our invoice experience.

What we didn’t mention last time we talked about invoices is that we are actually rebuilding a ton of the billing system to get our primitives righted.

The guts of our existing billing system have increasingly fallen behind your needs and our ambitions, so we’re building a (mostly) new one to bring you finer-grained billing detail and more flexible billing options.

What’s different about this new billing system?

This new system puts usage at the fore. We’re able to mimic some behaviors we have today but more excitingly: we’ll soon be better positioned to bring you things like per-app breakdowns.

In the near-term you may start notice a few experience tweaks as new things going online, but for now our focus is on getting the new system stable, and released. Much of the ergonomics on your end will probably feel samey, though, for now.

The fun begins when we’re more cut over to this new system.

Our prime focus is getting to the point where we can bring you the most billing information. We want you to better understand what resources are costing you the most money, and help alert you to surprising changes.

How and when will it affect you?

We brought important pieces of the new billing system online in recent weeks, and we’ve started by turning the new system on for specific kinds of new organizations. As confidence grows with these initial users, we’ll turn this on for a broader set of the new organizations. Finally we’ll work to migrate existing organizations to the new system.

If you have a new organization you may have already stumbled into some of our improved visibility around your organizations credits.

We’d love to hear any questions you have about Fly.io billing!