$5 discount no longer works?

Today I checked the dashboard and saw that I lost $0.02, but in the Invoice it said Free Machine Allowance was applied (3 shares-cpu-1x 256mb) and I only have 0.02$ additional RAM. So if all the free allowances were applied I would get a $5 discount for 0.02$ but I don’t get it?

Hi, responded to you in another thread, but for clarity:

  • The <$5 invoice waiving is not given as a credit, we simply void your invoice at the end of the month if it’s <$5. Purchased credits may convolute this - they’re consumed before we have an opportunity to void an invoice. We’re trying to work out a fix for this, but I couldn’t detail a timeline.
  • We don’t have an additional RAM free allowance. If you use additional RAM, that usage will be added to your invoice.

I think the problem is that the Additional RAM usage is now directly charged from the purchased credits, instead of cumulating into the current month’s bill. I emailed the billing@fly.io last thursday (and just now again) about this but got no response yet.

I am curious if an invoice with more than $5 but discounted the free allowances (3x shared…) can count as <$5 invoice? because my last invoice there are more than $5 but they have been all voided and I got charged for 0.02$ additional RAM.

I’d need to see your specific invoice to say for sure but the semantics are:

  • Credits are consumed as usage happens throughout the month, i.e. they are not deducted only at the end of the month
  • Free allowances implemented as credits, so work as described in point above
  • If there’s an amount due on your invoice at the end of the month that is <$5, and assuming your organisation is eligible for invoice waiving, the invoice should be waived
  • “Amount due” in this case means the total of the invoice, after all credit deductions have been accounted for (which includes purchased credit)

So yes, for the sake of simplicity let’s pretend the free Machines allowance credit is $3. If an org uses $4 worth of shared-cpu-1x 256mb, then that org’s free allowance credit will cover the first $3 leaving an amount due of $1. If that org is eligible for invoice waiving, this invoice will be waived, as the amount due is <$5.

I can’t promise that these semantics will continue forever - we have discussed changing the invoice waiving so that it only applies to invoices where the subtotal is <$5 (i.e. the sum of all positive-valued charges, excluding any deductions). But this is the way it works now.



As an early adopter I have a forever discount applied to my account.

How does that work now?

Previously I think that the charges of the month didn’t start accumulating until they surpassed this discount. Now I’m seeing some charges being applied to “current month so far” just a couple of days into the month.

Are some charges not being covered by this forever discount?


Hi @pier, I’d need you to be more specific about the forever discount to which you’re referring.

In general, if you have questions about your specific billing situation, email billing@fly.io.

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Doesn’t this practice discourage users depositing credits?

Let’s say I have a bit Additional RAM usage, which is about $1.5 per month. If I have credits deposited, this usage will be deducted from the credits directly and will not accumulated into the monthly invoice. But if I don’t have credits, it will, and because it’s under $5, it will be waived.

Do I understand it correctly?

One slight semantic correction: usage is always going on the monthly invoice, but so too are credit deductions. So just want to be super clear that usage that is paid down by credits isn’t going through a different “funnel” to the usage that is accrued into the “amount due”.

Otherwise, yes that’s correct. I hear you that it’s subpar, we’re looking into how we can adjust this behaviour but, as I said, I couldn’t give you a timeline.

Thanks for the clarification.