$13 of credits are gone

I heard that there was an incident with the credit display on the UI, not sure if it’s fixed yet, but my credits are still on 0$. I had 13$ something previously. I am writing this as I have received an email that all my credits are used now, which is confusing to me as I still had some dollars on it. Thanks in advance!

Hey! Some display items fell out of sync during that outage that we will be syncing again soon.

I manually synced yours so you should see more clearly what your credits are.

For anyone wondering; the issue in this case was only a display issue in certain portions of the UI.

The billing data remains correct, and the invoice views on the billing page should better reflect this in most cases.


i see. may i know how long this outage will be solved? just curious coz recently i have added new app into organization, and am curious how much usage (credit to be deducted) am using.

since i have balance credits (which now displayed at 0$), i still thinking whether i wanna add my credit card now.

Hey that’s a small display syncing issue we just had with showing your credit balance - the billing system is still correct so your invoice will be correct still.

We’re hoping to have to resolve this display issue this week, but I’ve fixed yours so you shouldn’t have that issue now.

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