Will upgrading to a paid plan get rid of failed deployments (lhr - insufficient memory)

As title, I semi-regularly get to the point where deployments either fail completely, or only 1 of the 2 machines in my app get the new deployment because of insufficient memory issues in lhr.

I’m on the hobby plan at present, if I upgrade to a paid plan, will this make the insufficient memory failures stopping deployments go away?

For reference, the failure I’m getting in my GitHub Action is:

[1/2] Updating 148edd1f12d678 [app]
Updating existing machines in 'xxxx' with rolling strategy
Error: failed to update VM 148edd1f12d678: aborted: could not reserve resource for machine: insufficient memory available to fulfill request


As far as I’m aware, upgrading to a paid plan (e.g $29 a month) is to get access to email support and deploying to additional regions. Deploying to lhr would not be affected, as that region is available to all users.

So I don’t think upgrading would affect whether you could deploy. It would just mean you would be able to ask someone at Fly (directly by email) why you couldn’t, perhaps resulting in it getting resolved faster.

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