Why my bill is so big for pretty small Node.js application?

I host my pretty simple Node.js (Nest.js) app with Postgress which costs me around 1$ per day.
I use the lowest possible amount of RAM (256MB) and shared-cpu-1x.
It seems to me that I should pay around 3-4$ for a month according to the pricing.
Billing and Grafana with memory usage are in the attachments (I’m using Fly for 8 days).

Usually these kinds of bills are the result of a relatively large DB cluster. If you run fly apps list you should see the DB application for your account.

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@kurt thanks for the response, is there a way how can I make my DB cluster smaller?

UPD: I did check that I have 2 instances of 4GB RAM each. So I did scale these instances down and going to see the smaller bill. How-to is here: Scale Postgres VMs · Fly Docs