Where are the configuration for the machine located?

I accidentally ran into the issue that my app crashed 10 times over so it was suspended. I’m not really sure why it happened but I think it’s just some startup bug with my app since I could see it starting and all but crashed on some mongo connection error.

Then I went ahead and (possibly) fixed the error in my code and then restarted the app using fly m restart .... The problem is that the config was lost when I did this. I started the app with the configuration like so:

fly m run . --dockerfile ./backend.dockerfile --region ams -p 443:8080/tcp:tls:http -p 80:8080/tcp:http -a floral-butterfly-3827

First, is it possible to have this configuration(region and ports) in a file somewhere or possible editable in the website or something? I would also like if possible a restart/start/stop button on the website when I enter a machine.

Secondly, do I really have to type in all this whenever I want to restart my machine? I would like something like the fly.toml for machines too. It’s not something that’s often going to change and I can’t keep this information in my head.

EDIT: I found I could pass a -c arg pointing to a config file location. I’m not used to discover things in CLI -h commands :smiley: , but I still would like to see a friendlier way to manage configs and starting/stopping.

EDIT 2: It seems the only way for me to get out of this state is to delete the machine and then do fly run.

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