What is wrong with my DNS setup + certificate setup?

I’m trying to get Jononomo.com to point to Jononomo.fly.dev where my basic Elixir/Phoenix app is successfully deployed.

I am managing my DNS in Cloudflare. I have set the A and the AAAA records in Cloudflare to the IPs shown when I run fly ips list.

The command fly certs check jononomo.com shows that everything looks okay.

I have proxy status turned off for the four DNS records that I have set in Cloudflare. These four DNS records are:

CNAME _acme-challenge
CNAME www pointing to jononomo.fly.dev

But Jononomo.com is not working for me – the browser just returns a blank.

If I type the IPv4 address in the URL bar directly then I see my site as execpected, with a “not secure” message.

Why can’t I point my domain name to my fly app website? What do I not understand?


This looks like it’s working to me!

The first thing to check is DNS propagation for both A and AAAA records:


I’m seeing timeouts in several cities, so it’s possible CloudFlare just isn’t returning the IP addresses everywhere yet.

Did jononomo.com previously have a different IP address? It’s possible your browser has an old entry cache as well.

Yes, so I had previously had a TXT DNS record set and also an A record set – these where set a couple years ago when I think I was trying to get the domain to point to Gitlab pages. I deleted those two DNS records when I set these latest ones up, however.

I noticed that Cloudflare didn’t seem to complain if I had two different A records set pointing to two different IPv4 addresses – and the domain was configured like that for a few minutes. I would think that only one A record would be permitted because it doesn’t make sense to me for there to be two different A records pointing to two different places.

As of this moment the website seems to be working for me in Safari, but not in Firefox. It started working for me just a moment after you posted that it was working for you.

Hopefully by tomorrow it will start working for me in Firefox as well. I guess maybe I just have to wait for the 24 hours to pass for these updates to really take effect?

It’s actually totally valid to have multiple A records with different IPs!

It sounds like Firefox has an old IP cached. You might be able to check in about:networking#dns, or just restart your browser entirely.