What is the meaning of region

I create my instance in hkg region. But I find that the actual IP is not in hkg.

Hey, if you created your VM in hkg, it means your app is running in a data center in Hong Kong. If you’re checking the public IPV4 associated with your app, those are Anycast IPs.

Here’s a brief explanation from our docs:

We broadcast and accept traffic from ranges of IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6) in all our datacenters. When we receive a connection on one of those IPs, we match it back to an active customer application, and then proxy the TCP connection to the closest available microVM.

Is it reasonable that the anycast address is not in Hong Kong? Because I find it slow to access the website

Because we’re using anycast, the IPs are announced from all regions. Your request should be routed to the region nearest you. As an example, if you are in Germany and your application is in Hong Kong, your request will be routed to fra (frankfurt) and then to your app in hkg.

You can use ping to confirm if the round trip time to your instance is the source of the problem.

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