Anycast for Games

Hi, I’m looking for a vps with anycast ip with multiple locations.

i am using spectrum from cloudflare targeting new york but it doesn’t work for users from all over the world, the game lags

I was wondering if could help with my problem?

I would like all players on my game server no matter where they are in the world to play without lag

Your problem isn’t as simple as “an anycast IP with multiple locations”. What’s your standard of lag? 10ms or 200ms? At a certain point, it’s not possible to have a single server in a single place running your code; you need to run a backend per region and have your users pick one (or pick the closest one automatically). does have an anycast network with quite a few locations, and I recommend trying it out, but do also try out running region-specific servers (you can do this on Fly as well!)

I will make an example my backend server is in New York, users from Latam will play at 100-120 ms (good) but users from Asia will play at more than 200 ms (unplayable)

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