What is the dc2 region?

I have an app (‘prereview’) that should have 2 instances running in iad, but on the latest deployment (v1357) there’s 1 in iad (5d900575) and 1 in dc2 (aedc3089). I can’t see any details of this region anywhere (including through flyctl platforms regions).

It seems to be running fine (as far as I can tell; it has Upstash Redis and a volume enabled), but I was just slightly surprised!

Sorry for the confusion. dc2 is iad. This specific host is having this region name for historical reasons. We will figure out the way to make that less confusing.

By the way, did you see dc2 in flyctl or our web dashboard? What was the command you used if that was in flyctl?

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Ah, thanks for the clarification. From the name I did wonder!

I can see it on both the web dashboard and flyctl (through the deploy and status commands).

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