What is best storage provider for websocket real time app with size under 500kb?

I wanna build a simple real-time app(real time text editor) for me and my friend to edit code in real-time. So I need storage just for 1 file, to store text, it could be up to 300kb(usually 200-300 lines of text), my question is what is the best and fastest way to store this data on fly.io. I had read about persisted volumes, fly redis by upstash and LiteFS but cannot figure out what will be best and fastest storage provider for my use case?

Fastest storage would probably be SQLite using just one instance when all reads/writes are local.

But then, all the latency comes from data transfer/sync so I think you should think about other options as well. LiteFS great, but probably not for this case.

I would recommend you to check out CRDT implementations like Y.js or Automerge (see benchmarks on Automerge 2.0 | Automerge CRDT).

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