Using Fly for file storage

I know S3 is the typically obvious choice for file storage, but I’d love to avoid using AWS for what I’m building. I’d like to go all-in on

Is there an established way to use Fly for image hosting?

Same question, but for SQLite/Litestream/LiteFS data backups?

Easiest would be to run an S3-compatible object storage app such as minio.

It’s an old tutorial, but it should still work.

Depending on your needs, you might want to add more than 1 instance, in different, close-by, regions, to replicate your storage.

I don’t have a turnkey solution unfortunately. We are planning on eventually providing a S3-like object store, but not for a little while!


For LiteFS, we have plans to make a real-time backup service available in the near future. The current focus is on stability and usability of LiteFS but after that we’ll be working on the backup service.


Sounds good. Thanks all!