What does type=connections mean for setting hard_limit value?

I deployed a testing website to Fly. I set the hard_limit to 25 (default value). However, when I visit the site, I received the warning Instance reached connections hard limit of 25. It surprises me a bit.

    hard_limit = 25
    soft_limit = 20
    type = "connections"

Is the connections the same as visitors? Like 1 visitor = 1 connection, 20 concurrency connections = 20 visitors at the same time

How do I know how many connections one visitor could produce and how to properly set the value?

When using connections type of concurrency (the default), then every HTTP request proxied to your app instances create a new connection. So 1 HTTP request generally maps to 1 TCP connection to your app.

If you want to pool connection, you can use the requests type of concurrency. This doesn’t work perfectly with all backends. Our pool idle timeout is very low (4s), if your own timeout is equal or lower, race conditions can happen. This is rare, but it does happen.

In any case, if your app can handle more than that, you can bring those limits up!

I didn’t get it. Could you elaborate it a bit more?

1 HTTP request = 1 TCP connection then what the difference between type=“connections” vs type=“requests”?

What is the type of this concurrency chart?

I’m building a website with Remix. What would you recommend?

Explained another way:

connections concurrency

  • 1 HTTP request at the edge == 1 TCP connection to your app
  • The connection to your app is closed as the HTTP response finishes

requests concurrency

  • 1 HTTP request at the edge == 1 HTTP request to your app
  • Connections are pooled and reused across multiple requests

That chart always shows the concurrency, regardless of the “type” of concurrency.

Depends on the size of your instance and the kind of traffic you’re getting. You can “play” with the concurrency limits. Try soft: 75 w/ hard: 100, then you if your app reaches those levels of traffic, you can look at metrics like response times and resource usage (CPU, memory, etc.) to further tweak.

That chart you posted shows 1 concurrent connection. You’re seeing “hard limit reached” errors? That would suggest you reached 25 concurrent connections at some point.

Does every visit to your app make a lot of requests at the same time? In that case you’ll definitely need a higher limit.

When I visit a URL to the staging site and got 17 app concurrency and 201 to 314 requests

We will deploy the site in this month but I don’t know how to set these values yet, also which type of VMs I need to use.

Maybe I could start with and deploy one instance (shared - 1GB) to each region then monitor from there?

    hard_limit = 75
    soft_limit = 100
    type = "connections"