problem increasing app's connections `hard_limit`

I set my the hard limit in my app’s fly.toml like this (from the docs):

  type = "connections"
  hard_limit = 200
  soft_limit = 200

But when I run a load test, I see this error in the logs:

[warn]Instance 91857961b69d83 reached hard limit of 25 concurrent connections. This usually indicates your app is not closing connections properly or is not closing them fast enough for the traffic levels it is handling. Scaling resources, number of instances or increasing your hard limit might help.

which makes it seem like the connection limit is still 25 and not 200. I feel like I’m missing something really obvious here, but I’m not sure what it is.

Did you flyctl deploy after increasing it?

If so, see what the output of fly m status <any-machine-id> -a <appv2-name> -d | grep "hard_limit" is? You can find machine-ids of a given app by executing flyctl m list -a <appv2-name>.

Thanks, I didn’t know about fly m status! I did deploy after changing the config and that’s reflected in the machine’s status, but I’m still seeing the same Instance 91857961b69d83 reached hard limit of 25 concurrent connections error in the logs when I load test.

$ fly m status 91857961b69d83  -d | grep hard_limit
        "hard_limit": 200,

I figured it out – I was missing something silly! I needed to set the hard limit in [http_service.concurrency] instead of [services.concurrency]

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