What does flyctl domains do?

It has commands like add and register, but documentation doesn’t seem to really reference this command.

It’s pretty neat (and does pretty much what you’d expect). I think it might not be documented thoroughly as it’s one of our newer features.

You can register a domain with fly from the command line using “fly domains register <domain-name>”, and add one you’ve registered elsewhere to use our nameservers in much the same way.

With fly dns-records, you can import the records you want from a file, or export them to a file.

Of course, you can also use your own DNS provider-- our custom domains guide touches on this a bit.

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Wow, just found Feature Preview: DNS + domains so I guess there’s even more stuff in the undocumented APIs. Very exciting stuff!

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oh for sure-- forgot to add that one, glad you found it! The api playground is great!