Deleting domains?

I created a domain while testing commands. It seems the flyctl domain command does not have a way to remove a domain only add.

Is this anything I should worry about or can I delete it somehow?

You don’t need to worry about it, we can delete it for you if you want though! Is it the only domain on your account?

It is! If there is nothing to worry about no big deal. Thanks @kurt!

@kurt can you delete the one domain off my account?

It conflicts with my existing Dnsimple account, which I use to manage DNS for that domain.


Should be all set, se if that worked?

Worked, thanks!

I accidentally added some domains to my org (didn’t know what I was doing :slight_smile:). Can you delete all of the domains from my org, please?

You should be good now.

Hi @michael, I also have registered my domain accidentally. Can you delete all the domains from my org? I don’t know this is causing the problem but I always get “redirected you too many times.” after setting the a and AAAA records.