How to remove domain?

I added a domain to my personal organisation using the following command:

flyctl domains add personal

This domain is now no longer needed, but I’m unsure how to remove it, as there are no domains remove or domains delete commands.

I think I also don’t need other domain records that I created, as they seem to only be necessary when using Fly’s own nameservers (I am using NS1) however I didn’t initially realise this from reading the docs.

Can you confirm if it’s necessary to add a domain when using non-Fly nameservers, and confirm whether or not it’s possible to remove a domain that’s no longer needed?

You only need to use domains when using fly’s DNS or registering a domain. To add SSL to your apps you want flyctl certs. Domains is in preview and I don’t remember why there isn’t a delete command yet, but I can remove it for you. Could you DM me your org name or email?

I’m not sure how to send a DM (maybe I don’t have permissions being a newish forum user?), however my org name is ‘David Bailey’ with the personal slug, and my account is the owner of the app davidbailey-codes. Seeing as I’m not using Fly DNS, I’m happy for you to remove all the domains I added (*

Alright, domains are all deleted.

I think you can see a message button by clicking on another user’s name, but you’re right permissions might be hiding it. Need to investigate.

Has the feature to move/remove a domain already been added? I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning after testing fly to move things in production and would like to setup the orgs, domains a bit more properly.

Loving fly btw!

Not yet, but I’ll take care of it if you DM me a list what what to remove or what to move and where.