What difference between edge and instace?

Hi, I only deploy one instance to fra region. When I check the map, I see 2 dots for edge (North America) and region (Fra). What difference between those?

Also in the Data Out section, the region columns show 4 regions (fra, iad, ams, lga). What does that mean?

‘Edge’ is the region that connections are accepted in and routed from, while ‘Instance’ is the region where your application instance is running that handles the traffic.

You can use the map of ‘Edge’ regions to get a sense of where your application’s traffic is coming from around the globe.

Your screenshot is showing incoming traffic coming mostly from the iad region (with some amount coming from fra, ams and lga), while your application instance is located in fra.

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Thanks, I got it now.

I have only one instance with id 2dd61aac running

However, the dashboard shows so many instances, why so? See Network I/O

Does each deployment create a new instance?

Yes, each new deployment creates a new instance of an app. The dashboard graphs are showing all of the previously-deployed instances on its timeline.