What are those extra instances when you deploy a fly machine using REST api?

I have been using the REST APIs to deploy fly machines. After a deployment, when i go to see running instances, i could see multiple instances running with random names for the same deployment.

Any idea why is that the case?

What are you using to see running instances? Can you paste the output?


Here is the screen shot.

The [finalytic-flymachine-poc-machine-000-000-000-000-003] is the machine i start via the API. the rest above starts automatically.


Taking a look on our end and at this screenshot, I can see that these machines are all in destroyed state. Notably, the fly dashboard displays machines in destroyed state, whereas flyctl machines list does not.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page: the issue is that when you launch poc-machine–003, all of those other machines’ show up as ‘deploying’, then ‘running’? (Please let me know if I’m not getting this right :sweat_smile: !)

If this is the case, then we might be able to get a better idea of what might be happening with fly logs -a <app-name> and fly logs -i <alloc-id>. This might help determine if the issue is specific to the web UI.

The random names you’re seeing are expected in the case that a machine isn’t given a name when it’s started, so that part might be working normally.

What kind of process are you using to work with these machines (in particular, creating/starting/destroying)?

ah, quick update-- this looks it might have been a bug, which was fixed a few days ago. To get the fix, you can restart the instances!

thanks! I will restart and check :slight_smile:

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