Weird release activity in the console

Why do I get these weird release activity for a newly launched and deployed app?

Any idea @rubys @allison

What’s the app name?

It happens with every new app I created. Currently silver-hawk-pr-11 and silver-hawk-pr-9.

I’ve used both 0.1.77 and 0.1.84 of the CLI and the same thing happens.

We’ve got a fix in and it’s going to be deployed soon. Thanks for the report.


Regarding the deployment, I didn’t change the Dockerfile nor fly.toml and in most cases of the new deploys, the app shows it’s started but it fails to send traffic to the machine.

I’ve checked the status page and it doesn’t report any issues on Fly.

That bug fix is fixed and should be in the process of deploying now. For what it’s worth, this was purely a visual bug, so it had no bearing on the status of your app. Thanks for reporting it!

Which app is having traffic issues? I’d be happy to look into it and see if there’s anything that looks off :slight_smile:

Thanks. I just noticed the update in the UI. I thought it was something with my CLI version.

The app currently not working is silver-hawk-pr-9 and I use the same configuration and code for both deployments.

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