`/wait` machines endpoint should return the machine state

My use case for this endpoint is waiting for a machine to start and if it didn’t start try in another region

The problem is that the machine could have already finished its process and already be stopped when i call this endpoint

If instead this endpoint returned the current machine state i could check if it is already stopped and do not try to create another machine

PS: Does creating a machine always success or not in case you are at full capacity?

Hi @morse

The /wait?state=xxx will only return (without a timeout) when the machine state is xxx.

Couldn’t you achieve what you want by also checking the state of your machine?

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Sure, i can fetch the machine and check if it already stopped.

If i use auto_destroy, will the GET machine endpoint return the machine data if the machine already got destroyed? For how much time do you keep destroyed machines in your database?

Since you still can see the destroyed machines (even long after they’ve been destroyed) in the “Machines” tab or your app’s dashboard, I’d say that would work.

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Ok, thank you!

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