volumes created are not being found


Very sad to report yet another show stopper issue using Fly. I’m attempting to create a volume. I am able to use the fly volume create command successfully, but when I run fly volume list command afterwards I see nothing. If I run the fly volume show command and give it the id of the volume created, it reports the following:

        ID: vol_70zy6r7j2g1rdjng
      Name: pleroma_storage
       App: launchscout-social
    Region: ord
      Zone: 31d7
   Size GB: 1
 Encrypted: true
Created at: 04 Dec 22 19:28 UTC

which sure looks like it is there. However, it does not show up in volume list and when I attempt to use it I get:

==> Creating release
Error volume pleroma_storage does not exist on launchscout-social

I want to love Fly, I really do. But at this point it’s starting to seem pretty unusable.