VMs not redeploying to specified region

We recently updated the region of our app to fra:

➜  ~ fly regions list -a staxcloud-staging
Region Pool:
Backup Region:

But the VMs still are in AMS, they are not changing:

staxcloud-staging at: 09:25:37

  Name     = staxcloud-staging
  Owner    = staxxer-848
  Version  = 136
  Status   = running
  Hostname = staxcloud-staging.fly.dev
  Platform = nomad

68b97c21	worker   	136    	ams   	run    	running	                  	0       	2022-09-03T12:25:14Z
a5678a8d	web      	136    	ams   	run    	running	1 total, 1 passing	0       	2022-09-03T12:24:55Z
c7dc6ec3	scheduler	136    	ams   	run    	running	                  	0       	2022-09-03T12:24:15Z

I believe the region pool affects new vms. So you may need to deploy a new version and then those new vms should be started up in fra. Assuming there is sufficient capacity etc. And the old ams ones would then go away.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your reply. This would make sense, but we’ve been deploying all day. Lots of new VMs have been created and they still get created in ams

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I just tried this for another app:

fly regions set fra

and it immediately removed the old VM and creates a new VM in the new region

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Ah … Strange.

If your other app is able to add its vms in fra, doesn’t sound like a capacity issue either. Which would be my other guess for why new vms aren’t created in a particular region. Alas, one for Fly to debug.

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This looks like a multi-process app. Do you have [processes] set in your config here? If so, you’d want to invoke fly regions set fra --group $name

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Right, this was it. So in what way does this behaviour make sense or is this just one of the rougher edges of the multi-process feature?

It could absolutely be better documented that regions set takes a group argument :sweat_smile: !

I suppose it’s an extension of the flexibility in provisioning resources that you get with multi-process apps.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to see it as a filter? E.g. fly regions set fra changes the region for all processes. fly regions set fra --group web changes the region only for the web process.

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Yeah, that makes total sense, but I don’t have an ETA for this right now. We’ve recently been talking about ways to make using multi-process apps easier, and so I’ve brought this up in that conversation. Yesterday, we also added some validation in the API that will at least make it clearer when the --groups flag is needed.