Switching regions not being applied

I deployed an app to fra but then I realized my Redis is in ams so I tried to change using:

% fly regions set ams             
Region Pool: 
Backup Region: 

But even if I deploy again using fly deploy it only runs in fra.
What am I missing?

Do you have a volume attached to the app you’re trying to change regions for? Volumes can only exist in one region.

So if you have a volume already set in fra then fly regions set ams won’t work. You would need to create a new volume in ams to get your app to that region.

Thank you for answering!

Completely empty on machines and volumes in the web UI.

Oh that’s interesting.

There are two things you could have a go at:

  1. Adding then removing the regions so running( fly regions add ams) and (fly regions remove fra)
  2. Or creating a volume in the ams region for your app
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