Video upload using cloudinary api returns an error - status 401

when uploading a video on my deployed website, I get an 401 error. In the networktab the response is
“cloud_name is disabled”.

According to the api-url:
the cloudname as well as the upload preset are undefined.

I appreciate any help, to make the video upload work.

I might want to add that my environmental variables are saved in the .env.local file and you can find the code embeding the handling of the upload attached. If more info is needed, let me know.

It’s usually helpful to also post your fly.toml and Dockerfile, so people can see what framework you’re using (NextJS?).

Also, the .dockerignore in this case—since .env.local is often excluded by that.

Hello, it turned out that I was using the environmental variables within a client component, which may have caused the problems.

Thank you for reaching out to me.

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