Large files (500 Kb +) can't be uploaded through Strapi


I uploaded Strapi to and I use Cloudinary for storage and it’s working just fine.

The only problem I have is when I try to upload file that exceed 500Kb I get an error.
Screenshot from 2022-10-30 03-24-04

And these are the logs I get:

2022-10-30T02:26:26.738 app[c33d9ad2] cdg [info] [ 484.441735] Out of memory: Killed process 548 (node) total-vm:1000268kB, anon-rss:169288kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:0kB, UID:0 pgtables:2596kB oom_score_adj:0

2022-10-30T02:26:26.755 app[c33d9ad2] cdg [info] Killed

2022-10-30T02:26:26.782 app[c33d9ad2] cdg [info] error Command failed with exit code 137.

2022-10-30T02:26:26.782 app[c33d9ad2] cdg [info] info Visit yarn run | Yarn for documentation about this command.

2022-10-30T02:26:27.038 app[c33d9ad2] cdg [info] Starting clean up.

Did you ever figure this out?

I have the same problem.