We use Vanta as a security vendor to simplify the maintenance of policies, procedures, and observability of cloud resources across our company.

As Fly users, it would be fantastic if our Fly apps and databases were inventoried in Vanta, in the same way that we automatically inventory AWS cloud resources (S3 buckets, VPCs, instances, + more).

I submitted a request on Vanta’s side as well - but I think some amount of co-ordination would be necessary. We are so interested in this that if given confirmation by Vanta that it’s possible, we’d be happy to write the v1 using Fly’s public GraphQL API ourselves.

Obviously, this would be a Scale+ plan feature.


We’re in the same position using Vanta, and would love to see this support from Fly!

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Bumping this to ask whether an integration with Vanta or other compliance vendor is available or in the works. Thanks.