Using the performance-1x/2x... sizes

Hi there! I noticed a few new machine sizes (performance-1x/2x…) up on the pricing grid at Fly App Pricing · Fly Docs.

I’m running a few CPU-heavy workloads that could benefit from more beefy CPUs, so I went and gave it a try with fly machine update --size performance-2x, but got the following error:

Error invalid machine size requested, 'performance-2x', available:

Wondering if this is a flyctl bug or if they’re just not available yet?


Hi, I asked the same question on the support email, here is the answer:

There is currently an open GitHub issue on the flyctl repo regarding machine sizes. You can follow the progress here. Once the issue is resolved, additional machine sizes will be available after you update to the latest version of flyctl. In the meantime, Machines can also be configured/updated via the Machines REST API directly.

With that said, there was a commit to fix it a few hours ago:

So I think it should be solved in the next version.