Using Newrelic in a Rails app...


I was setting up my app to try out NewRelic and was trying to follow the basic set up instructions:

I was able to complete steps 1-4, but then I’m not really sure what step 5 is asking me to do or how I would even do it with… Would I modify the fly.toml to execute the listed curl command?

Also, I noticed that even without step 5, Newrelic is already receiving the logs and some server data… Do I even need to do step 5? Has anyone successfully implemented NewRelic on Fly who can help me out?

Apologies in advance for the beginner-level questions!

It might be easier to start here: GitHub - superfly/fly-log-shipper: Ship logs from fly to other providers

Basically what this is is a application that ships your logs to other providers.

Create an empty directory. In that directory, run the fly launch command. Then you will set one or more secrets for your source ( ACCESS_TOKEN is the key one), and then for your target (I’m not personally familiar with new relic, but apparently setting NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY is recommended).

Then fly deploy