Can't ship logs to New Relic


I’ve been trying to ship my logs to New Relic with log shipper. Grafana seemed too difficult even though I had it working months ago. Even though I’ve done everything it says in the README of the log shipper (setting the internal port in fly.toml and setting proper secrets for New Relic). I don’t see any logs on New Relic. It tells me to configure my logs.

I don’t know much about how the log shipping works and I am probably missing something.

Some logs from the shipper app below.

 2023-06-25T23:39:08.771 app[28650e7ae212d8] ams [info] Configured sinks:

2023-06-25T23:39:08.859 app[28650e7ae212d8] ams [info] 2023-06-25T23:39:08.858740Z INFO vector::app: Log level is enabled. level="vector=info,codec=info,vrl=info,file_source=info,tower_limit=trace,rdkafka=info,buffers=info,lapin=info,kube=info"

2023-06-25T23:39:08.866 app[28650e7ae212d8] ams [info] 2023-06-25T23:39:08.865765Z INFO vector::app: Loading configs. paths=["/etc/vector/vector.toml", "/etc/vector/sinks"]

2023-06-25T23:39:10.119 app[28650e7ae212d8] ams [info] 2023-06-25T23:39:10.119765Z INFO vector::topology::running: Running healthchecks.

2023-06-25T23:39:10.120 app[28650e7ae212d8] ams [info] 2023-06-25T23:39:10.119940Z INFO vector::topology::builder: Healthcheck passed.

2023-06-25T23:39:10.120 app[28650e7ae212d8] ams [info] 2023-06-25T23:39:10.119961Z INFO vector::topology::builder: Healthcheck passed.

2023-06-25T23:39:10.120 app[28650e7ae212d8] ams [info] 2023-06-25T23:39:10.120574Z INFO vector: Vector has started. debug="false" version="0.29.1" arch="x86_64" revision="74ae15e 2023-04-20 14:50:42.739094536"

2023-06-25T23:39:10.122 app[28650e7ae212d8] ams [info] 2023-06-25T23:39:10.121851Z INFO vector::sinks::prometheus::exporter: Building HTTP server. address=

2023-06-25T23:39:10.130 app[28650e7ae212d8] ams [info] 2023-06-25T23:39:10.130716Z INFO vector::internal_events::api: API server running. address= playground=

2023-06-25T23:39:10.130 app[28650e7ae212d8] ams [info] 2023-06-25T23:39:10.130666Z INFO vector::sinks::blackhole::sink: Collected events. events=5 raw_bytes_collected=1571

2023-06-25T23:39:21.355 runner[148e461a790678] ams [info] Pulling container image

2023-06-25T23:39:21.598 runner[148e461a790678] ams [info] Successfully prepared image (242.279659ms)

2023-06-25T23:39:23.013 runner[148e461a790678] ams [info] Configuring firecracker

2023-06-25T23:39:23.342 app[148e461a790678] ams [info] INFO Sending signal SIGINT to main child process w/ PID 231

2023-06-25T23:39:23.343 app[148e461a790678] ams [info] 2023-06-25T23:39:23.343003Z INFO vector::signal: Signal received. signal="SIGINT"

2023-06-25T23:39:23.343 app[148e461a790678] ams [info] 2023-06-25T23:39:23.343144Z INFO vector: Vector has stopped.

2023-06-25T23:39:23.349 app[148e461a790678] ams [info] 2023-06-25T23:39:23.349235Z INFO vector::sinks::blackhole::sink: Collected events. events=780 raw_bytes_collected=286996 

Okay somehow it started working and I am not sure what fixed it. I just added the secret NEW_RELIC_REGION additionally and added Json logger backend.

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