Using my own tls with Machines

I would like run a server in all regions doing my own TLS and NATS and then run my users code as Fly Machines .

This allows me to fully control the various aspects of Auth / Authz and pub sub , whilst running thousands of FLy machines doing compute.

All requests that reach each region can then be load balanced by my NATS , start up a Fly machine on demand, and even scale out Fly machines as my Users need according to their needs.

I would conceptually be tapping into the Fly Graphql data plane to do this.

I would be running all this under one account and managing the billling for my user myself . Basically log usage and then split the bill up with my users.

The use case is an Open Science project where scientists are able to host data and compute on fly so that the research papers they write can directly reference the data and compute in real time that is sitting on Fly waiting for other researchers to come in a also run / access the Fly machine . Ultimately making Science papers fully reproducible in tens of how they arrived at their conclusions / theories based on the data they collected .

This is for a non profit .

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