Update DB app to include Timescale?

Is there a way to update a current database app from flyio/postgres-flex:15.6 to the flyio/postgres-flex-timescaledb:15 image?

You should have a couple of options:

  1. Create a new App using the timescaledb image and use fly pg import to import your data.
  2. Update your existing Machines to use the timescaledb image, but I would probably avoid going this route if you’re working against a production cluster.
  3. Take an on-demand snapshot of your Primary and then create a new App from the snapshot. Something like this should work: fly pg create --name <app-name> --image-ref flyio/postgres-flex-timescaledb:15 --snapshot-id <snapshot-id>

Why would you recommend against option 2 for production clusters?

If you have a staging environment and have thoroughly tested the upgrade path, how to revert if anything goes awry, etc., then it should be fine.

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