undocumented rails error

Hi, i am trying to publish a simple rails app, and it fails

That “undocumented” error comes from our proxy, and indicates that it can’t connect to your app.

Try running fly vm status e1ed0979 and see what it says. My guess is that health checks are failing. Possibly because your app isn’t listening on or it’s expecting the wrong port.

What is your fly.toml file? See if the internal_port in there is set to 5000. That needs to match what Rails is listening on.

Hi, thanks for the response i am using the default values of rails (i think that is the port 3000), i will change the port and see what happen, thanks

Ah! That’s probably it then, the screenshot of the logs show Rails listening on port 5000. Our buildpack actually sets an PORT environment variable, which I believe Rails accepts, so that might be why it’s confusing.

Excellent, thanks for the help, the form to change the port of rails is with the execution command, how I can change the command that is used for execute rails?, thanks

Screenshot 2022-03-18 at 15-06-11 change localhost port number in a rails application